Huw Roberts

About Huw (Who?)

Daydreaming about making things from '83 til infinity.

I'm Huw Roberts from Wales, mostly likely to be found lurking behind the screen of my laptop making websites, art and music. 

A lot of the music projects showcased here were made to accompany either my own music, or other producers music released on my ambient music label, Serein, which I've been running since 2005.

I make music as Hidden Rivers but I've used other names in the past and collaborated with Otto A Totland in Nest. My commercial web work can be seen on

@huwrobertsnet on Twitter/X.

wuhhuw on Discord

Solaris 2x
Solaris [2024]

Solaris is an interactive solar system with a unique binaural audio experience. The code is public.

Screen capture of the Cloudrift game concept by Huw Roberts
Cloudrift [2024]

Dreamy procedural cloud-runner game concept

Night room 2x
Night Room [2023]

Soporific analog escape for sleepless summer nights

Forever train 2x
Forever Train [2023]

Work in progress, inspired by the photography of @johnnyhomemovies

Ocean room 2x
Ocean Room [2023]

Work in progress experiment with light and shadow

Voyage 2x
Voyage [2023]

My homage to the original ‘Voyage’ by Thomas Danthony

Hibernis so what 2x
Hibernis: So What

Interactive music video for Hibernis’ track, So What. Made in collaboration with Ole M Ødegaard

Orbital planes web 2x
Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains

Listening portal for VA compilation 2xLP released on the Serein music label.

Data trails web 2x
Imprints: Data Trails

Audiovisual experiment made for the launch of Imprints’ album, Data Trails.

Golden Age Of Dereliction
Hidden Rivers: Golden Age Of Dereliction [2022]

My 2nd album under the Hidden Rivers alias, released digitally

In And Out Of Days
Hidden Rivers: Where Moss Grows [2015]

My debut album as Hidden Rivers, released on CD, 12” Vinyl and digitally

Hidden Rivers: Plainsight Lakes

EP released in 2020

What's Up G?
VA: Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains [2016]

Sleeve design for compilation 2LP featuring Brambles, Shuttle358, Olan Mill & more

Hauschka: Youyoume

Cover for the EP 'Youyoume' by Hauschka

The Balustrade Ensemble

Artwork for The Balustrade Ensemble and their album, Renewed Brilliance

Strië: Perpetual Journey

Artwork for the 12" vinyl LP 'Perpetual Journey' by Strië

Olan Mill: Pine

Cover for Olan Mill's debut album, Pine

Yui Onodera: Ray

Yui Onodera / Ray album cover, using imagery by from the set design for Europeras


Artwork for Kosmorama's debut album.